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Wood Crankbait

Rapala Dives-To Dt6 Series Balsa Wood Rapala Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure 2"


Rapala DT-6 Crankbait DT06 Basla Wood Dives to 6 ft.2in 3/8oz - Pick


Rapala DT-10 Crankbait Basla Wood Dives to 10 FT. 2.25in 3/5oz - Pick


Bagley Genuine Balsa B2 II Wood Crankbaits [7/16oz, 3' Depth]


Rapala Dives-To Dt10 Balsa Wood Crankbait Bass Fishing Lures - 2 1/4" (5.7 Cm)


Rapala DT-20 Crankbait Metal Basla Wood DTMSS-20 2.75in 7/8oz - Pick


Rapala DT16 Extra Deep Diving Crankbait Balsa Wood Bass Fishing Lure Plug


Rapala Jointed Balsa Wood Minnow Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure Jerkbait


Lee Sisson/Renegade NIB New Wood Wooden Natural Shad Crankbait


Handcrafted Crankbait Balsa Wood Circuit Board Lip


Rapala Risto Rap 5 RR5 Tennessee Shad wood crankbait lure


Rapala DT-1 Fat Crankbait DTFAT-01 Basla Wood Dives To 1 ft. 2.75in 5/8oz - Pick


10ct DEEP COFFIN BILL CRANKBAIT LIPS Bills for Wood Baits Bass Fishing Lures


1ct FIRE TIGER 2.5" Shallow COFFIN BILL CRANKBAIT Balsa Wood Bass Fishing Baits


Bagley Diving B-III Black Chrome wood crankbait lure


Poe’s Wood Lures Lot Of Three


Lee Sisson Slim Willie Diver Birmingham Blue wood crankbait lure


Wood Fred Young's Original Big O Lure Chartreuse Peach Cotton Cordell Wooden 3"


1ct BLACK SILVER SHAD 3" COFFIN Bill CRANKBAIT Balsa Wood Bass Fishing Baits


AC Model 450 Shiner 4 1/2" Wood Shallow Minnow in GOLD PERCH/WHITE BELLY - BASS


1ct WHITE 3" Shallow COFFIN BILL CRANKBAIT Balsa Wood Lures Bass Fishing Baits